An Email To Mike About Panda Bear

Friday, April 20, 2007

this and goodbadqueen are both nasty compressed mush - difference is
that with panda it's a deliberate aesthetic (and not nasty).  like you
said about earworms, mantra, hypnosis - you're not meant to be able to
touch the sounds in person pitch, they're not meant to be sharp,
accurate, hyper-real; they're sensually surreal, the mix and mastering
is indistinct to allow your mind to drift, to lose concentration of
specific sounds and float in an amniotic haze on top of the music,
rather than inhabiting it's space.  it's a flotation tank.  you don't
like IT; you like what it DOES.

whereas goodbadqueen is actual songs with distinct parts and
instruments, mashed-up so they hurt your ears.

good compression vs bad compression.  it can be an amazing tool.

have you heard the electrelane?  or any of their records.  that's how
rock with instruments and songs can sound.  dirgey, still, simple,
still, dark, still; but precise.  not hurting.


Friday, April 20, 2007


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