Friday, March 30, 2007

I made a prediction about 18 months ago to a few people that “one day we will all work for Google”. As facetious as it seems, I was being entirely serious.

Just now I posted on this here blog of mine about my current listening habits, etc (just scroll down, kids!), and as I navigated away from the post-confirmation page to actually look at this new post (not so new now that this one exists), to check formatting was OK and see if the picture looked good (this blog is really all about the pictures; I know you don’t believe me but the words are totally arbitrary), I noticed that Blogger, or Google or The Corporation or Big Brother or whatever you want to call it, was offering me money.

Specifically it was offering to make me money if I signed up to AdSense and, presumably, allowed Google-sourced “relevant ads” to adorn this blog. Now, aside from Ian, who commented below, my girlfriend, and Colin and Glen who I know have signed up to the RSS feed, I don’t really expect that there’s anyone reading this strange little corner of the internet (which is shit, btw), let alone enough people to click the AdSense banner as many times as it takes to make me any money. (Would it know if I clicked them loads myself?)

Some brief thoughts, because I really wasn’t intending on posting again so soon, but these ideas interest me;

Should I sign-up to AdSense?

Is the growing popularity of Web.2 and net-savvy browsers like Mozilla that allow you to block adverts, plus the increasing immunity to adverts that lots of net-users exhibit (Emma and I have discussed this – neither of us ever click on any net-based adverts; we barely even ever notice they exist), plus several other factors far too woolly and barely-even-holistically-linked reasons that I cannot recall, going to lead to a world where companies realise that advertising in the traditional sense simply does not work and stop spending all that fucking money on viral marketing and graphic design to hawk their products, thus depriving various institutions and publications that rely on ad-money in order to exist the very lifeblood revenue of advertising that they require?

I forgot this one while I was writing that last one

I have deleted / deactivated both my Myspace and Facebook pages because they were annoying me and social network sites are the cultural cancer of the 21st century.

If you’re reading, even if you’re Ian, Emma, Colin or Glen, would you please do me the good-favour of saying “hello” or suchlike in the comments box so that I know who my audience is? Also mention if you like the pictures, please.

I am in London on Monday for a conference on copyright. Thought you ought to know.


Friday, March 30, 2007


Blogger Ramsay - 4:30 pm


I would say adsense works for two types of site:

1. Those that get shitloads of traffic and can profit from the tiny percentage (>1%) of people who happen to click adverts.
2. Those who post articles that lend themselves to selling stuff - for example a post on a technology site about a new MP3 player will logically have adverts for MP3 players and a high chance of someone clicking.

I would say you don't fall in either of those really, so until you get more readers it's probably not worth your while signing up.

Nice photo:

Blogger Jack and Daphne - 9:58 pm


Blogger georgebutcher - 9:37 am

Hello. Loving your recent amount and quality of activity both here and @ Stylus.

Blogger Ian - 7:20 pm

Boogida boogida boogida.

I really like that "internet is shit" site.

Blogger Glen - 2:04 am

I like your RSS feed even if it does fuck up the order of appearance now and again. As for Adsense, tell me I need to click to make you pots of money and I will click through. Using some kind of proxy ID thing that Colin will know about.

Re photos. I am not keen on this one but I do like the one on Currently Listening and Ontology especially.


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